eBike Regulations in Ireland

Dec 7, 2022

A couple of decades ago, a vast number of countries throughout the World legislated for electric bicycles as they realized there were a number of benefits. An eBike would make it easier for individuals to cycle around and cover greater distances.

In recent years in Ireland, there has been a significant increase in the use of eBikes. The Irish Government has confirmed that electric bikes will be exempt from registration, tax or insurance if they are not able to travel at speeds above 25km/h under non-pedal power. 

Electric bicycles go by a variety of names including ebikes and pedelecs are simply pedal-assisted bicycles. This basically means that the rider needs to peddle less in order to move and that the motor will stop once the bicycle reaches the speed of 25km/h. 


If you are an eBike user and you are injured by another vehicle then you should exchange details with the driver, including their insurance details. Again, if possible, the incident should be reported to Gardai.  Like dashcam footage, some helmets have cameras built into them and such footage could prove extremely useful when trying to determine liability for an accident.

Book a Test Ride

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding that one special ebike that not only meets your requirements but also fits with your personality.  So why not book a free test ride!


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