eBikes Support Ireland’s National Sustainable Mobility

Dec 12, 2022

The National Sustainable Mobility Policy sets outs a framework to 2030 for active travel and public transport to support Ireland’s overall requirement to achieve a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Sustainable Mobility is connecting people and places in a sustainable way by supporting:

  • Safe, accessible, comfortable and affordable journeys to and from home, work, education, shops and leisure
  • Travel by cleaner and greener public transport.
  • A shift away from the private car to greater use of active travel and public transport.

Active Travel is Walking, wheeling, or cycling as a means of transport in order to get to a particular destination such as work, the shops or to visit family or friends. Active travel can be for complete journeys or parts of a journey.

In recent years there has been growth in the use of eBikes, cargo bikes and tricycles, multi- seat family cycles, plus hand cycles and adapted cycles catering for users with a range of mobility limitations.  The increase support from the government and regulation will ease the journey for commuters by offering an accessible and sustainable transport solution for all people to travel around the city. If you are interest on Cycle to Work Scheme or want to know more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Book a Test Ride

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding that one special ebike that not only meets your requirements but also fits with your personality.  So why not book a free test ride!


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