Executive eBikes by Gesaky on the official government procurement “Cycle to Work Scheme”

Oct 7, 2022

The Cycle-to-Work scheme was launched by the Government in 2009 to encourage the use of bicycles to travel to and from work. The scheme allows for a civil or public service employer to incur the expense of providing an officer with a bicycle and bicycle safety equipment.

Under the 2020 revised scheme, the limit on allowable expenditure is increased from €1,000 to €1,500 in respect of pedelecs (‘e-bikes) and related safety equipment and €1,250 in respect of other bicycles and related safety equipment, without the officer being liable for benefit-in-kind taxation. The tax exemption can now be availed of once in any four year period.

Any public servant or government employee wishing to purchase an eBike can book a demonstration with our events team on sales@executive-ebikes.com. This no obligation request will schedule the events team to deliver the full suite of eBikes to your place of work for a full demonstration. You can also request the Civil Servant discount code from the team, saving you even more on any of the Electric Bike and Smart Helmet range.

Our events team can also schedule in-house training on road safety and local legislation around electric bikes.

Officers wishing to use the scheme should contact their Personnel Officers.

Book a Test Ride

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding that one special ebike that not only meets your requirements but also fits with your personality.  So why not book a free test ride!


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