Living in an Apartment? Why an eBike might be better that an Electric Car.

Sep 27, 2022

Not all apartment blocks have to capability of installing EV chargers to accommodate electric car charging, some management companies of apartment blocks have even stated that is could be 2 or 3 years before they can install such points in their complexes.

But do not despair, an interim solution is to purchase a reliable eBike instead. Electric bikes are perfect for short commutes, for work or leisure. Electric bikes are part of the Department of Transport carbon reduction plan, helping Ireland to meet its sustainable goals for the years ahead.

And you may qualify for grants and incentives too. One cycling advocate says the government shouldn’t be funnelling money into grants purely for electric cars, electric bikes have a lower carbon footprint, and don’t even require special charging points.

The Electric Vehicle grant, which is up to €5,000, with a €60,000 cap could be extended in the near to electric bicycles as they give better carbon reduction results. They don’t require a formal public charging infrastructure, they are healthier, have a lower carbon footprint and they won’t take up as much road space as a car

And the real downside, the price for installing a charging point in an apartment car park space can cost on average €2,000, especially if the car parking space is far from the electricity meter. Cables may have to go through walls, even breaking fire seals, which all need to be resealed and recertified.

The range of available eBikes, whether foldable, urban or city bikes, makes choosing the right electric bike for your needs so important. Consider your needs then test ride accordingly.

Book a Test Ride

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding that one special ebike that not only meets your requirements but also fits with your personality.  So why not book a free test ride!


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