Rayvolt – eXXite XS

High technology built around a robust efficient style


Rayvolt – eXXite XS

Oriented for the best performance, with its compact shape, 20” wheels, and all the eXXite technology, makes it the perfect bike for the urban daily commuter.

The removable seatpost battery gives the user more security in the city, allowing them to take it safely anywhere


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Frame Detail
Smart Features

Robustly designed with uncompromised quality

The Rayvolt Exxite XS is built to last with a technologically advanced brushless motor which requiring zero maintenance.

Made for the city, this new technology is the perfect match for the daily commuter. It allows the user to take the battery and saddle with them, reducing the risks of the city while parked on the street.

This bike provides Intelligent Pedal Assist (IPAS), this serves the bike with power and detects inclines to give you that extra push up the hill. A smart algorithm is used to provide perfectly smooth power, based on your muscle activity.

The electronic braking system also converts the torque into resistance which recharges the battery. This is done by signals being sent to the motor controller and provoking a reverse effect in the motor. This uses wheel inertia to generate electricity.

Download the free smart technology system called Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant (EIVA) via your smartphone on either IOS or Android. This is Rayvolt’s free advanced software to allow the rider to customise their riding experience. The main features of this app are that it can monitor your speed and battery life, use iPAS monitoring to adjust your pedal assistance, play music to enhance your all rounded experience, GPS access, pinpoints your locations and lets you know how far you have travelled, as well as having technical support at the touch of a button.


Clubman Specifications
Weight:  19 kg
Max load weight: 100kg
Frame:Rayvolt Aluminum 6061
Wheels: 20” x 2.125

At the core of any electric vehicle, its performance and life expectancy are directly linked to the type of cell used. The capacity of the battery pack also depends on the amount of cells used.

Rayvolt uses 13 cells in a series to reach a nominal voltage of 48V. At peak voltage, a full charge of 54.6V gives incredible power. We use a minimum of 4 cells in parallel (52 cells in total) or 8 cells in parallel (104 Cells in total).

This gives an unmatched capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh – most of the industry uses 300 to 360Wh.

Rayvolt hubs are a very complex brushless 3 phase dc motor comprising of 48 different copper coils and magnets that are placed on the outermost perimeter of the motor for the best possible torque.

The built-in controller receives heat and position data from the coils and within one millisecond computes where to put the next load.

Such accuracy produces a Pure Sine Wave (PSW) current, offering unmatched ride comfort:

  • More Acceleration
  • More Response
  • More Torque
  • Less Noise
  • Less Vibration
  • Less Consumption