Rules of The Road (Executive e-bikes by Gesaky)  

Nov 18, 2022

E-bikes are growing in popularity. It’s popular for several reasons: great for getting some exercise whilst also reducing fuel bills. Employees can apply for the  “cycle to work scheme”, it saves time by avoiding commuter traffic and protecting the environment.

However, eBike riders are also a vulnerable category of road user. As an eBike rider, you can reduce your risk on road by following the simple advice in this article.

1.    Stop at Red Lights: Prepare to stop when the traffic lights turn yellow. Never try and race through the intersection. Come to a complete stop when you see the red light.

2.   Turning Right: Take extra care when turning right, plan your turn well in advance. Always look back and signal clearly.

3.   Wear a helmet: It is obligatory to wear a helmet on the road. Make sure the helmet fits correctly and get in the habit of wearing it every time you cycle.

4.   Be seen: You should do all you can to help other road users notice you, remember to wear a reflective vest and bright clothing whenever you cycle.

We all share the road, so respect all cyclists.

 *According to RSA, it is illegal for persons under the age of 16 to ride an MPV in a public place. If the bike is not an MPV there is no law against children riding it in a public place. We strongly recommend that young children should always be supervised if riding in a public place.

Book a Test Ride

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding that one special ebike that not only meets your requirements but also fits with your personality.  So why not book a free test ride!


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